People Can't For Life Of Them Figure Out Why A Horse Didn’t Win 'Sportsperson Of The Year'

What could the reason possibly be?

Angry Internet Users were confused to discover Monday that American Pharoah, a horse, had somehow been passed over by Sports Illustrated for "Sportsperson of the Year." Instead, the honor was awarded to tennis star Serena Williams, a human.

How, Angry Internet Users wondered, could Sports Illustrated have not picked the horse for "Sportsperson of the Year"? What about the non-human being could have kept the editors in charge of the choice from bestowing the honor of "Sportsperson of the Year" on the animal? No one can say. Certainly not us.

Sports Illustrated announced Sunday that the horse had won the popular vote among its readers for "Sportsman of the Year." What that says about men we'll let you decide.

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