Horseback Riders Storm Steamboat Springs Bar And Grocery Store, Get Kicked Out, Tasered (VIDEO)

You Can Lead A Horse To A Bar, But You Can't Get A Drink

Q: What did the horse say when it walked into a bar?

A: Nothing. The bartender was furious and the person on the horse was drunk. The barkeep promptly kicked both out, where they caused a ruckus in the street that ended with a Tasering.

We're prone to writing really bad jokes, we'll admit it. But this is no joke. A drunk trio of horseback riders in Steamboat Springs, Colo. gallivanted into town late Sunday night. According to Sergeant Rich Brown at the Steamboat Springs Police Department, three riders attempted to enter the Old Town Pub there.

Video of the incident opens with the bartender telling a rider, "coming in here with that horse is a very aggressive act."

She slurs several unintelligible syllables in response, rides her horse to the door, and asks, "can I have my beer back, though?"

Bartender: "Absolutely not."

Rider: "No! Why?"

Bartender: "Get out of my restaurant! Take your horse and go! How did you fit a F#$king horse through the door?!?"

After leaving the premises, one of the men in the group became confrontational, at which point bar staff called police. Police responded, and when the man refused to dismount he was shot with a Taser.

9News reports the man was arrested on charges of harassment, disorderly conduct, obstructing a police officer, and resisting arrest.

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