#Horseburger Twitter Jokes, Puns Go Viral As Horsemeat Burger Discovery Shocks Britain, Ireland

As many in Britain and Ireland reel in horror at the recent discovery of horse and pig DNA in several "beef" burgers sold at a number of prominent supermarkets, a cavalcade of horsemeat jokes have hit the Twitterverse.

With hashtags like #horseburger and #horseburgergate starting to go viral, it seems that many netizens have chosen to take the disturbing news with a pinch of dark humor.

According to earlier reports, traces of horse and pig meat were recently found in some "beef" burger products in at least three processing plants -- two in Ireland and one in Britain. The products included a burger, sold by global retail giant Tesco, that was composed of "roughly 30 percent horse," per the AP.

On Wednesday, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron ordered a full investigation into the claims. Food safety watchdogs in Britain and Ireland are currently conducting a probe, reports say.

As the horsemeat burger scandal continues to gain momentum, with millions of burger products being pulled off shelves, Twitter users are playing a cheeky game of one-upmanship, taking turns posting the funniest horsemeat jokes and puns they can come up with.

Even British politician John Prescott, former deputy prime minister of the U.K., got into the act. On Wednesday, Prescott tweeted the following:

Click through this slideshow to see some other #horseburger Tweets. In the comments (below), tell us what you think of this Twitter gagfest.

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