Horses Vs. Horses Asses

The post election right wing radio and talk show hosts have found themselves in a tough spot. Their feeble attempts at defending Bush's record and blaming all the problems of the world on liberal democrats are starting to wear thin. Screaming the same old regurgitated rhetoric only accomplishes one thing. It adds more credence to the adage, 'There are more horse's asses than there are horses.'

For fear of giving some sense of honor or dignity to what these types of media bottom dwellers say and do on a daily basis, I will not mention any of them by name. The most distressing, hateful and sickening comment one of these characters spouted recently said that he hoped Obama would fail. After hearing a comment of that nature, so filled with anger and hate, I worry that the term horse's ass is way too kind.

The screamers in the right wing bully pulpits have historically simply thrown a switch to cut off anyone who disagreed with them. In past years the victims of these childlike antics have been liberal democrats. More recently we are beginning to witness the far right bullies having to censor comments from past followers who have realized that radical and extreme attacks are not the answer. Much to the misfortune of these self proclaimed pundits, the pendulum of public opinion has started to swing away from them and head closer to the middle. More and more people are beginning to realize that neither the far right nor far left hold the answers to most of our challenges.

I have never been impressed with someone who spends their time just pointing out or complaining about problems. I admire those who can connect challenges and solutions. As a builder I know it is much tougher to build than it is to tear down. These egocentric bullies are so focused on ripping the world apart that they have nothing to offer relative to putting it back together. Ralph Waldo Emerson has been credited with the words, "Tearing to pieces is the work of those who cannot construct."

Are you a builder or are you a wrecker? As we face some tough times in our country and in the world, we need everyone to participate in the rebuilding process. If you are not part of the solution you remain part of the problem. The challenge ahead is to find ways to build. Remember horses are strong, noble and hardworking creatures. We need to also remember horse's asses are... well, just horse's asses!