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Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China's New 'Horseshoe Hotel'

China is adding another spectacle to their already impressive list of amazingly unique structures.

In August, the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort will be joining the likes of the world's largest building (complete with an artificial sun), the New Century Global Center, which recently opened in Chengdu, and a five-star hotel that is currently being built into the side of an abandoned quarry in the Songjiang District of Shanghai. Amazingly unique, right?

The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort joins these high tech, eye-catching architectural achievements because, well, it's shaped like a horseshoe.

This 27-story structure that lies on Taihu Lake between Nanjing and Shanghai was conceived by the architect Ma Yansong and constructed by Shanghai Feizhou Group, according to The Telegraph. The resort is lavishly designed -- covered in all different types of jade and the lobby ceiling is decorated with 20,000 Swarovski and European natural crystal lamps that create a wave-like formation.

The hotel is actually a full oval -- two levels underground connect the visible horseshoe shape. According to the resort's website, it offers 321 guest rooms, including 44 suites and 39 villas, all with private balconies. There's even a separate ‘spa village’ which features eight villas, 40 hot springs, and a yacht dock. Also available to Huzhou guests are a club lounge, ballroom, and a variety of restaurants and bars.

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