87-Year-Old Hospice Patient Prayed: 'Please Let Me Live Until This March'

And we're weeping.
This is Mary. She is my hero. 
This is Mary. She is my hero. 

Initial estimates show that at least 3 million Americans took part in the Women’s March around the country this past Saturday. Out of those 3 million, we may have found one of our favorites. 

Mary Tanasse, an 87-year-old hospice patient, was wheeled into the Women’s March in Olympia, Washington by her grandson. Described as “the matriarch” of the family by her grandson, Tanasse explained to Seattle news station KING 5 that she prayed she would live to attend the march.

“I asked him please let me live until this march because it was so important to me for me to model what I feel is right for my family,” Tanasse said. “Can’t ask for more than that.”

Watch the full interview below and try not to cry. 

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated Tanasse was at the Women’s March in Seattle. She attended the Women’s March in Olympia. 



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