Hospital Gets Down In "Pink Glove Dance" For Breast Cancer Awareness

There are lots of ways people decide to promote awareness of breast cancer: by wearing little ribbon pins, buying sponsored pink products, doing a run/walk with friends. But this one is new to us -- The entire staff of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Ore. donned pink gloves and recorded a dance to Jay Sean's "Down." Then they posted it on YouTube to the delight of anyone who secretly hopes that working at a hospital is exactly like an episode of "Scrubs."

Not surprisingly, the video has since gone viral. Here's what the staff has to say about the dancing montage on their YouTube page:

"Our employees put together this video to generate breast cancer awareness throughout our hospital system. We had a ton of fun putting this together and hope it inspires others to join in the cause."

Watch the video to check out the mad dancing skills of these surgeons and cafeteria workers:

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