Hospital Janitor Plays Piano So Patients, Loved Ones Can 'Forget Their Worries'

Hospital Janitor Plays Piano So Patients, Loved Ones Can 'Forget Their Worries'

This janitor is bringing a little peace to the hearts of hospital visitors through his musical gift.

Rolando Maaba, 55, works at Rockford Health Systems in Illinois, according to the hospital's YouTube page. Though he spends most of his day on custodial work, Maaba forgoes his break in order to play the piano in the hospital lobby, with the goal of bringing some cheer to the relatives and loved ones of patients.

"I can help these people be happy," Maaba told KOLR10.

For about 15 minutes a day, Maaba entertains guests with songs he knows by ear, ABC News reported. With the goal of calming visitors and spreading joy, Maaba tries to stick to upbeat tunes for his spectators.

"The bottom line is I want to be helping guests who are waiting for their relatives after an emergency or a surgery and they’re worried," the piano player told ABC News. "When I play, they forget all their worries."

While guests get to enjoy Maaba's soothing music, he says that being able to play the piano for an audience has been emotionally uplifting for him as well. The 55-year-old said that he appreciates the praise and attention he's received.

His piano playing has generated quite a buzz at the hospital, and has even led to other endeavors. Now, every Wednesday night, Maaba shares his talent with diners at Francesca’s, a local restaurant, according to ABC News.

"I hope to continue as long as I'm alive," Maaba said in a video posted to the hospital's Facebook page.

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