Stephen Fry Delivers A Meryl Streep-Loving Trump Slam At BAFTAs

Calling out a "blithering idiot."

That deserved a kiss.

Host Stephen Fry on Sunday spiced up the BAFTAS in London with a line that both praised Meryl Streep and dissed President Donald Trump.

Introducing the actress in the audience at Royal Albert Hall, Fry said, “and unquestionably one of the greatest actress of all time ― only a blithering idiot would think otherwise ― Meryl Streep!”

He then made his way to her seat, noting that he traditionally gets a kiss from one of the nominees. But before he could finish, Streep jumped out of her seat to hug him and plant one on his cheek. “I’m so thrilled,” she said.

“Never in the field of conflict has my left cheek been so jealous of my right,” Fry said. “Underrated is what I’d say.”

Streep has been locked in a public war of words with the commander-in-chief since she criticized him at the Golden Globes last month. He responded by calling her overrated on Twitter. She went after him again on Saturday at a Human Rights Campaign event, calling out his “catastrophic instinct.” 

While Streep, a nominee for “Florence Foster Jenkins,” lost to Emma Stone for “La La Land” in the leading actress category, we say she still came out a winner.



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