Hot and Windy in Dallas

How appropriate to be kicking off the Dallas premier ofin this unseasonable 101 degree Texas heat...
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How appropriate to be kicking off the Dallas premier of Too Hot Not To Handle in this unseasonable 101 degree Texas heat...

There is no stranger fish out of water sight than me at the Dallas airport. I know it sounds cliché, but I swear the guy sitting next to me on the plane turned on his computer and had a glam shot of a Hummer on his desktop. This definitely isn't L.A., Toto.

Man it's hot here. My cab driver assured me I had arrived just in time for the cool front, because his thermometer had finally fallen to 'only' 100 degrees, down from 104 earlier this week. Let's hope there won't be a repeat of last weekend's rolling blackouts due to the energy demand. And it's only April, people!

Speaking of energy, the Lone Star State's power plants belched out over 255 million tons of Co2 last year, "leading" the nation in greenhouse gas pollution.

Doesn't Texas know that it could potentially generate more than 98% of its electricity from wind power? According to the West Texas Wind Energy Consortium, West Texas already supplies more than a quarter of the wind energy produced in the U.S. And there's more where that came from. Texas ranks second only to North Dakota in wind energy potential (and first in solar potential), but it needs some encouragement. Texas could be a renewable powerhouse, perhaps supplying up to a third of the total U.S. demand with its renewable resources. All it takes is a little political leadership.

Unfortunately that's not coming from Dallas mayor Laura Miller who still hasn't signed the U.S. Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement. If you live in Dallas please let Mayor Miller know that the citizens there can't take the heat! It's time to do something!

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