9 Books That Make You Look Hot

Last month, we shared a facetious list of the 9 most "undateable" favorite books, with those by Nietzsche and Ayn Rand rounding out the worst of them.

Many of you shared your feedback, saying that any avid reader is probably dateable. And we agree! A love of reading is an attractive quality, and literary tastes are entirely subjective! (Unless you are Ayn Rand, who believes everything is objective.)

Still, we have to admit that if we were to make lingering eye contact with a fellow commuter or coffee shop-goer, we'd be more likely to strike up a conversation if they were thumbing through a smart, edgy or funny novel than if they were SO enveloped in E.L. James' erotic "Fifty Shades of Grey" that they weren't even hiding the cover discreetly on their lap.

So we present to you our very biased list of 9 books that will make you look hot if you read them in public. We based this list on a few factors:

  • Intelligence! If you judge people based on what they read, you probably value some level of intelligence. This rules out "Fifty Shades" in spite of its decidedly "hot" plot.
  • Edginess! This rules out a lot of books that you were probably required to read in high school. Shakespeare's plays may be full of clever innuendo, but they've lost a bit of their luster in the public eye.
  • Humor! Russian literature may be hot to Russian literature majors, but probably not to anyone else.

Check out our list and tell us what YOU think are the hottest books in the comments:

Books that make you look hot