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Danish Restaurant Hot Buns Selling Sex Toys With Burgers


A burger joint in Copenhagen, Denmark, isn't chicken about arousing controversy: It's now selling sex toys along with hamburgers.

Starting Thursday, Hot Buns is adding dildos, vibrators, whips and other sex-oriented products to the menu.

It's a natural fit, considering the restaurant puts as much emphasis on the tank top and hot pants worn by its all-female staff as it does on the burgers.

The restaurant's Instagram page even posts cleavage shots of employees and invites followers to guess which woman it is.

Hot Buns owner Mathias Kaer says the sex toys will only be available in evening hours. He believes he's onto something.

"On Friday and Saturday nights there are only two things most people want: sex and food. We're combining them both," Kaer said, according to the

Kaer may see a chance to make money, but he also is trying to tweak those who believe his business model is sexist.

When Hot Buns opened in March, Danish politician Camilla Schwalbe admitted having a beef with the restaurant's use of sex to sell burgers.

"Fast food normally makes you feel guilty, but this burger should make people feel extra guilty and leave a bad taste in the mouth," Schwalbe said according to the Copenhagen Post.

In order to get the sex toy business off to a bang, Hot Buns plans to hand out free cock rings to the first 10 male customers while the first 10 women will each get vibrators, according to

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