HOT Business TOPICS in 2016

By Gabriela Müller Mendoza
If you want to know more about the SIX HOT TOPICS and core issues to tackle for leaders, managers and organizations in 2016, then you are in the right place!

We live and work in a fast-paced interconnected world. Boundaries are being redefined through technologies, demographic changes and political shifts, with societal and economic consequences. More than ever, governments, citizens and corporations need to share information and insights, and generate innovations on how best to navigate the future. I've been invited to speak to several conferences already in 2016. As speaker (for it is key for me to research around the core themes and topics tackling issues world-wide in 2016 - a year that many have called "the year of Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution". I figured these Hot Topics for 2016 are important for you too if you are in business today, and wish to be in business tomorrow.

1. Employee engagement
It's not difficult for the system to remind managers that they need to review or appraise a member of their team. The current statistics show that over 65% of employees don't fully trust their management (Ref. Forbes 2014). There is lots of potential to be tapped into if and when managers truly lead, listen and recognize team members, and increase transparency within the company.

2 .Encouraging leadership over management
We know poor management impacts productivity in negative ways. Good leadership can help retain well-qualified and experienced individuals. If there is a right moment when managers are called to see beyond their plans and business objectives and truly motivate, inspire, challenge and lead their employees, that moment is now. A challenge? Yes. An opportunity? Yes.

3. Business case for Diversity and true Inclusion, gender parity.
Companies that see beyond the old-model of profit and traditional team creation, see greater levels of inclusion within their organizations as a key lever to drive innovation. We see this as one of the greatest opportunities in 2016: the magic lies within the right mix of Diversity and Inclusion. Developing an inclusive culture is an essential condition for an engaged, high performing workforce. Statistically in many regions, real Gender Parity has shown only a 3% rise in the past 10 years; though this fundamental topic is gaining an important momentum in several industries and sectors today. The business cases for gender equality is clear - read the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report of this year. So, what kind of culture is your organization fostering when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

4. Working Agile - embracing change and adapting effectively
Organizations that are receptive to new, flexible ways of working and, where applicable, provide individuals with the option to work from home, are seeing positive results. Companies in different sectors realize that they are more productive if they allow their staff to work remotely - technological advances and reduced overheads make this more possible than ever. However, leaders need to be mindful of the culture that working remotely can create from two aspects: A) Individuals over compensate and work over time because they can stay connected while traveling/resting/ being at home, and B) Stay mindful of the fact that human contact / face-to-face communication is also key to success too.

5. Transparency and Governance
Business leaders, board members and executives are feeling increasing pressure to increase communication, transparency and exercise good open governance in companies. They are held more directly accountable to the stakeholders that they govern or report to. The open transparency of social media, interconnectivity, shareholder activism groups and lawsuits make this an era of compliance in an attempt to combat fraud and distrust. Governance is scrutinized more and more and we find ourselves working in companies that are becoming accustomed to a "fishbowl" effect.

6. Integration of Millennials in teams and management
Not all millennials are all young 20-somethings fresh out of college. By 2016 the earliest of this generation will be around 30-33, they will hold roles in middle management, expertise leadership, or will be executives. Since talent management will continue to be a top priority for 2016, attracting a generation of innovators and fresh perspectives is key to success. These young, socially-motivated generation of millennials don't necessarily see or build walls between government, non-profits and business; as a matter of fact they ask why there need to be any walls at all. This generation is speaking up, taking a stand, stretching, looking at the rest of the world, asking relevant new questions and expecting/generating new business models. Is your organization ready for them in 2016?
How ready you think you and your company are to effectively manage these SIX core topics in 2016?

Gabriela Müller Mendoza
Executive & Organizational Communications Coach -Trainer- Speaker

Global Leadership Diversity Specialist
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Bern, Switzerland

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