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Hot Chefs: A HuffPost Deathmatch

Superficially speaking, of course.

This is one type of "heat in the kitchen" that we would encourage you to stick around for.

As culinary stars become increasingly public figures, this means that, like all other celebrities, they are now subject to people like us ogling their good looks. In an act of (harmless) superficiality, we have selected what we think are some of the most attractive male celebrity chefs, and they are facing off in this HuffPost Deathmatch. And yes, we know that listing the Voltaggio Brothers as one entry is a bit unfair, but it was too good to resist.

Here's how the Hot Chefs Deathmatch voting will work:
  • Round One voting begins July 15 -- vote now!
  • Round Two opens July 16 at 12:00am Eastern
  • At 12:00am Eastern July 17, you can vote in Round Three
  • Thursday morning, July 18, we will announce who has won the title of Hottest Male Celebrity Chef!

*Stay tuned for our Hot Female Chefs Deathmatch, coming soon!