Girl Runs Hot Chocolate Stand On Birthday To Raise Money For Syrian Refugees

Her birthday wasn't about her.

The purpose behind this girl's hot chocolate stand is even sweeter than her product. 

Abigail MacDonald, from the town of Paris in Ontario, Canada, turned 7 years old last Friday. The girl celebrated the big occasion by dedicating her birthday to helping others. She set up "Hot Chocolate for Hope," a hot chocolate stand to raise money and help bring a Syrian refugee family to her town, CTV News reported. 

The fundraiser, which was held on Saturday, brought in more than $2,000 to go toward helping Syrian refugees, according to ABC News

The 7-year-old and her sister, Mikayla, had wanted to run a lemonade stand over the summer to raise money to join their parents on their 10-year anniversary trip to Paris, France, next year, the outlet reported. But when the girl heard her parents talking about what Syrian refugees -- many of whom have recently relocated to the girl's country -- have been through, her fundraising motives became all about charity. 

“Their land is getting bombed ... and they need help,” the girl told CTV News

To prepare for the fundraiser, Abigail and her family went door-to-door around town, handing out invitations to the event, CTV News reported. On the day of the drive, the 7-year-old served customers her hot chocolate and marshmallows. People donated amounts up to about $100, and the family is still counting up funds that have arrived by mail, ABC News reported. 

Though the birthday girl used most of the day to serve others, she was also able to have some fun. After the event, Abigail enjoyed birthday cake and opened presents, according to ABC News. 

The proceeds from Abigail's hot chocolate stand will go toward St. Paul’s United Church, which hopes to raise $30,000 to bring a Syrian family over to Canada, CTV News reported. 

The country's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has pledged to take in 25,000 Syrians, and the first group of refugees arrived in Canada last week

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