Fresh Off Hot Dog-Eating Contest, Rivals Prepare To Face Off Over Chicken Wings

This is the rematch the world is hungry for.

Recently crowned Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest champ Matt Stonie and the longtime king he dethroned, Joey Chestnut, plan to square off in a chicken wing-eating contest on Saturday.

The two are at the top of competitive eating's food chain, and plenty of interesting dynamics will be at play in this competition.

Stonie's hot dog-eating victory on July 4 will add spice to the upcoming Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Championship in Clearwater, Florida -- after all, the Nathan's event is essentially the Super Bowl of gluttony. Stonie, aka "Megatoad," ate 62 dogs to Chestnut's 60, which could give him a psychological edge. But in his chicken wing-eating debut last year, Stonie finished third and Chestnut came in first place, gulping down 182 wings in 10 minutes.

"You better come hungry, 'cause this is my game," Chestnut warns Stonie in the Major League Eating video below.

Stonie hasn't been sitting on his buns since ending Chestnut's eight-year Nathan's reign. He told USA Today his training for Saturday's event would include sitting down to eat 200 chicken wings on four or five separate occasions. 

The winner of Saturday's competition will take home $8,500. Stonie pocketed $10,000 for the Nathan's victory and will likely pick up more endorsements as the reigning Nathan's champ. He told USA Today he made about $100,000 last year on the circuit. Chestnut earned an estimated $230,000.

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