Hot-Dog Legs Hit Hollywood

Our newest online obsession is the genius Tumblr Hot-Dog Legs.

The hilarious blog compares narcissistic beach selfies with the baseball game staple, sometimes replacing snapped gams with raw franks to throw us off. Now that the similarities have been brought to our attention, we can't browse these photos without asking: Is this a pair of tan legs or encased grilled meat?

The optical illusion is rampant among the rich and famous. Several stars innocently Instagram their vacation pics for us to ogle. However, a more critical eye lends some insight into self-indulgent celebrity snaps.

Here, Jason Derulo illustrates the age-old question:

Is Jessica Alba roasting weenies at sea or getting some sun?

Minka Kelly opts for "tropical" toppings.

Okay, Nicky Hilton's stems are a stretch but good try. You almost had us fooled.

Chrissy Teigen has hot, sweaty sausages?

We don't know if Lauren Conrad is toasting the beach or double ballpark franks.

Kelly Rowland -- are they or aren't they brats?

With some practice, Kendall Jenner could convincingly pull off a pair of weiners.



Hot-Dog Legs