Hot Dog Sent To Outer Space And Back By Zog's Dogs (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hot Dog Sent To Outer Space And Back

Does a hot dog taste better after it's taken a round trip into space? We have no idea, but we know someone who might.

San Francisco hot dog stand Zog's Dogs teamed up with a crew of engineers to send one of their franks into space, and more importantly, retrieve it. They attached a GPS system, a camera and a wiener to a balloon, and sent it on its way. This video made us feel both incredibly nervous for this hot dog's well-being, and very, very hungry.

We honestly can't be 100% sure what the pop-culture montage is trying to tell us, but it probably has something to do with the following: 1) worldly affairs matter not to The Space Hot Dog, and 2) The Space Hot Dog is destined to be remembered as an undeniably important historical phenomenon, in the grand tradition of JFK, the Mona Lisa and Keyboard Cat.

We love how excited these guys are about this experiment, and how willing they are to take a bite of a hot dog that surely has space dust on it.

To celebrate the amazing launch and re-entry of their intergalactic sausage, Zog's Dogs is offering a special Space Dog Combo: a Zog Dog with Astronaut Ice Cream for dessert: $5.

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