Marriage Proposal Featuring 1001 Hot Dogs Is A Real Wiener

Using hot dogs to propose to the love of your life might not seem romantic, but wait until you hear this story.

Twenty-eight-year-old Wang, from Chengdu China, popped the question to his girlfriend Chen on August 16 with the help of exactly 1001 hot dogs, which he used to spell out the word "Love" surrounded by a masterful hot dog border.

hot dog

Turns out, there was a method to Wang's wiener madness. According to Chengdu Evening News, who first reported the story, the couple met three years ago in Thailand at a bakery that sells hot dogs.

The future love birds quickly discovered they were from the same province in China and the rest is history. They've now been together for -- wait for it -- 1001 days. D'aww!

hot dog proposal

Chen must have appreciated the romantic sentiment; she said "yes" and then ate a hot dog in celebration.

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