'Hot Dudes With Dogs' Is The Fetching New Instagram For All Of Us

The "Hot Dudes With Dogs" Instagram is one-stop shopping for those who love both man and man's best friend.

Like its predecessors "Hot Dudes Reading" and "Men and Coffee," the account collects photos of handsome fellows doing stuff for viewers to admire.

"Hot Dudes With Dogs" is the creation of Elite Daily's Kaylin Pound.

"After creating the Rich Dogs Of Instagram, I starting thinking about what I could do for my next social media endeavor," Pound told The Huffington Post. "This got me thinking, if there’s one thing I love more than dogs it’s hot guys, so why not put the two together and create the ultimate Instagram eye candy?

"I started off by finding some photos off of Instagram, however I was quickly flooded with submissions so now I am just posting photos that have been sent to me by hot dudes and their adorable furry friends."

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Flying Dogs by Julia Christe