Hot Dudes With Kittens Will Keep You Warm All Winter


We all like to escape into those precious little pockets of the Internet filled with newborn baby penguins and nuzzling pups.

In fact, science has even proven that adorable animals a la the inter-webs can actually improve your mood.

But what if these cute mental retreats had a little something extra? Like a side of super hot spice to go with your snuggle? Enter your new lunch break companion: Hot Dudes With Kittens.

I mean, me-ow, hello boys! This Instagram account can make a lady (or man) roll over and purr, scratch on the walls or knead something -- anything! -- while staring into space and drooling.

If a feed called “Hot Dudes With Kittens” sounds redundant -- let us reassure you, it certainly is not. The site offers plenty of variety. For instance, they have tattooed men with tabbies:

There are green-eyed men hanging out with blue-eyed kitties:

Sleepy shots:



Nose-snuggling with extra tiny cats:

Back-of-head and chin snuggling:

Even hipster cats:

This isn’t the first time folks on the Internet have combined the cuteness of critters with the sexiness of human men. Reddit's Lady Boners Gone Cuddly includes men posing aww-dorably with pooches, bunnies and tons of rescue animals.

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