Gayle Saks-Rodriguez, Middle Age Blogger, Admits She Had Hot Flashes At Jay Z Concert

Woman Had Hot Flashes At Jay Z Concert

When does middle age begin? And what does it mean when we've entered it?

It's a question many adults find themselves asking as they get older. On HuffPost Live Wednesday, a group of women came together to discuss the emotional, biological and social pressures that build later in life.

Gayle Saks-Rodriguez, a blogger and life skills coach, said she knew she had entered middle age when her doctor stopped dismissing aches and pains like he did when she was younger. She said in her 20s, she would go to the doctor fearing she had something like a tumor, but the doctor would say the chances were slim.

"Now I go to the doctor and say my fingers are aching, and he says, 'maybe we should check that out now,'" Saks-Rodriguez said.

She also acknowledged that she's started having hot flashes in the past three months and that she even experienced them during a Jay Z/Justin Timberlake concert that she attended with her stepson.

"Literally I was having hot flashes in the middle of the concert," she said. "I'm looking around and I'm like, 'nope this isn't happening to anyone else here,' and that makes you feel kind of old."

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