French Firefighters Strip Down For Calendar, Set Internet Ablaze

Ready to get even more hot and bothered? It’s for charity.

Firefighters are known for having bodies that look like they were chiseled from stone and belong on display in The Louvre. On September 23 a special few French firemen that belong to France’s Firefighters Without Borders, or Pompiers Sans Frontières, proved that they are also gorgeous on the inside with the release of a 2016 calendar. Proceeds from the sales of the calendars go to Pompiers Sans Frontières, which provides humanitarian aid all over the world.

French fashion photographer Fred Goudon shot the photos and selected each man featured in the calendar himself.

“Someone had to do the job -- but I’m not complaining about it!” Goudon told The Huffington Post of the project that took him nearly a year to complete. As to how he chose each man, Goudon admitted that the first qualification is that “he has to be beautiful” but they also need a certain je ne sais quoi.

“French firefighters are incredibly sexy and maybe it’s the uniform, or their bodies, but they’re also very friendly,” he said. “Someone can be photographic, but there has to be something more to them, something deeper about their soul. They need to have a beautiful mind.”

This internal beauty is something that Goudon believes every firefighter needs to have in order to do the heroic yet emotionally draining work they do on a daily basis.

“They have a certain pride in what they do, but I understand it,” he said. “They see horrible, crazy things every day that most of us never see.”

Yet he also notes that despite this, most of the firefighters he met and shot are still very levelheaded, and quite charming, he adds.

“I think it’s because they lean on each other for support, because they all know how to have fun.”

If the pictures or GIF below are any indication, they certainly do.

If you want to stay hot all year long, you can buy a 2016 French Firefighter Calendar at Pompiers Sans Frontières's website or follow Goudon's blog where he's already casting and writing about new men for a 2017 calendar.

Pompiers Sans Frontières's YouTube channel is also full of behind-the-scenes videos that are worth a watch -- or a thousand watches. Here's a small taste:

Pompiers Sans Frontières

Check out more images from the 2016 calendar below.

Double the hotness.
5 MARS copie
Oh, hello.
Rescue me!

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