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Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola's First-Ever Warm Soda, To Hit Shelves In Japan (PHOTO)

Hot soda is something we've never even thought of trying. Until now.

Drinking warm soda may not sound appealing to Westerners, but Coca-Cola is hoping that Japanese customers will sing a different tune. On October 21, the company will begin selling Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale, its first-ever beverage meant to be served warm.

Coca-Cola spent four years developing a special can technology that heats up the soda without messing with the carbonation. The result, the company says, is an intensely spicy, cinnamon and apple-flavored drink.

Canned hot tea and coffee are already popular in Japan, but warm soda is relatively new territory. However, Coca-Cola won't be the only company with a warm soda on the market in the fall.

On November 5, Kirin Beverage Co. will launch Kirin No Awa: Hot Hojun Apple & Hop, a low-carbonation soda suitable for consumption at warm temperatures.


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