Everything You Need To Take Your TikTok 'Hot Girl Walk' This Fall

Popular athletic sets, safety gear, highly rated sneakers and more to help you participate in this mood-boosting trend.
Two-pound bangle weights, a hands-free beverage carrier, a Lululemon belt bag and a Birdie personal safety alarm.

Contrary to its name, TikTok’s latest trend, the “Hot Girl Walk,” doesn’t center on being hot or a girl. Rather, it’s an act of self-care that has everything to do with goal-setting, accessible exercise and improved mental health –– all while cultivating a little self esteem in the process.

When HuffPost previously spoke to Mia Lind, the content creator responsible for transforming a neighborhood stroll into a viral sensation, she said, “I felt that walking had a strong stigma as not being a valid form of exercise, so I gave ‘walking’ some rebranding as a Hot Girl Walk.”

In her TikToks, Lind says to pick a coffee shop or a set location that is two miles away. Walk there and back while thinking about these three important things: “What you’re grateful for, how hot you are and all of your goals, hopes and dreams” — in particular, how you can achieve those goals and the kind of person you will be once you have reached them.

“The Hot Girl Walk is just as much an exercise for the mind as it is for the body,” Lind said in a TikTok video.

Then, before you know it, you’ve walked four miles!

In her videos, Lind points to the achievable nature of the Hot Girl Walk and how anyone can benefit from doing it. She also recommends listening to music that keeps your walking pace brisk and confidence boosted, rather than zoning out to a podcast.

As the weather shifts and the hours of sunshine dwindle, you may find yourself feeling less motivated to step outside. But bear in mind that a Hot Girl Walk come fall might be just what the doctor ordered, as evidence shows a direct link between walking and a boosted mood.

To get you prepped for all your Hot Girl Walks this season, we gathered a list of apparel, safety items, walking accessories and more, some of which Lind loves herself, and others that either we or other TikTokers have used.

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A popular personal safety alarm
Lind always stresses the importance of safety, and for those instances when you don't have a friend to walk with, she swears by the Birdie personal safety alarm because, unlike pepper sprays, she doesn't have to aim or be close to an assailant to use it. To operate, you just pull the top pin to activate a loud siren accompanied by a bright strobing light, which can potentially deter an attack.
A slightly compressive athletic set
Update your selection of Hot Girl Walk attire with this smoothing and slightly compressive athleisure set that is moisture-wicking, fully opaque and has just the right amount of stretch. It also has a ribbed texture, and the leggings feature a small hidden back pocket for your keys or cards.
The latest Airpod Pros for listening to your motivational playlist (28% off)
As Lind mentioned earlier, a major element of any successful walk is listening to music that will encourage you to move and allow you to ruminate on your "hotness." Now is a great time to snatch up a discounted pair of Apple's latest generation of Airpod Pros, which feature active noise cancelling, spatial audio and a waterproof design.
Extremely comfortable walking shoes with memory foam soles
These lightweight and breathable tennis shoes have a big reputation here at HuffPost for being known as "the best walking shoes" that money can buy. One shopping writer even called these her "holy grail" of footwear. The memory foam insole absorbs impact, the textured outsole is non-slip and the fly-knit upper sole is stretchy and soft. Plus, they'll only set you back $38.
A cropped fleece pullover
Perfect for layering in brisk weather, this fleece-lined pullover features a flattering cinch-waist design, roomy sleeves and a quarter-zip collar. You can also grab it in black.
A pair of wearable LED safety lights with included batteries
Although Lind recommends taking your walk during daylight hours, that's not always possible, especially when the sun goes down earlier. These highly rated clip-on strobe lights are waterproof, compact and have three settings to give you high visibility in the dark.
A pair of trendy 2-pound Bala Bangles ankle weights
If you want to add an element of strength training to your walk, these popular bangle weights can be worn on your ankles or wrists to give you comfortable and hands-free resistance. These two-pound weights are made with fully adjustable elastic, are wrapped in baby-soft silicone and come in a variety of colors like pink, lemon yellow and charcoal.
A portable beverage carrier
This clever drink carrier can securely hold your pumpkin spice latte or water bottle so that you don't have to. The snap-closure sleeve can accommodate a number of reusable tumblers and single-use cups and rolls up small when not in use. This is also extra useful if you want to avoid the feeling of condensation from a melting iced beverage.
A dewy-finish sunscreen stick in a hydrating formula
Previously recommended to HuffPost by a board-certified dermatologist, Supergoop's SPF 50 Glow Stick sunscreen can be easily applied on go, is invisible on the skin and is packed with a bevy hydrators and antioxidants to combat the drier climate of fall. And yes, you still need sunscreen, even if it's not summer.
The online-famous Lululemon belt bag
An object the internet is obsessed with, this now-discontinued belt bag by Lululemon (don't worry, there's an updated version available) offers a hands-free way to carry all your essentials like phone, keys and wallet while looking athletic-chic on your Hot Girl Walk. (Lind herself is seen sporting a similar one in sage.) It's small enough to hide underneath a sweatshirt, features a secret back zipper and is made with a water-repellent material that will stand up to any autumn showers that come your way.
A four-pack of insanely popular hair clips
For those of us with longer tresses, Lind said in one of her TikToks about Hot Girl Walk safety to avoid wearing your hair in a ponytail. Instead, stick to a bun or a French twist secured with a hair clip, because ponytails can be easier to grab by an attacker.

I recently purchased this pack of large claw clips, which are available in a variety of color combinations and have over 21,000 five-star-ratings on Amazon. They are durable, cute and fully capable of securely holding up my long, thick hair without breaking (unlike other clips that I've tried).
A pair of chic Parisian-inspired sunglasses
These tortoiseshell sunglasses have a trendy over-sized rectangle shape and polarized lenses for better vision in the sun.

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