'Hot People On 'Jeopardy!'' Is Our New Favorite Tumblr

Some people watch "Jeopardy!" for Alex Trebeck. Others love it for the challenging questions, or the fun categories. But at least two people are into the game show the eye candy ... all those "Hot People on 'Jeopardy!'

Two anonymous bloggers have started a Tumblr feed called just that. "Hot People on 'Jeopardy!'" is as simple as it sounds: a compilation of still-shots and animated GIFs of various contestants on the show deemed "Jeopardy Hotties."

The site's FAQ explains that Mod #1 and Mod #2 -- the only designation the site's founders give themselves -- are both college students in California. It shows a wry sense of humor, and a self-awareness of how silly the whole thing is. "I’d hardly say a blog dedicated to hot people is stupider than a blog dedicated to supporting men’s rights," they write. "But okay, if it makes you that angry, let it out baby."

The founders did say that they would expose their identities if Alex Trebeck ever mentions the blog by name on "Jeopardy." The ball is in your court, Mr. Trebeck!

"Jeopardy!" airs weekdays in syndication (check local listings).



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