'Hot Problems' Dubbed Worst Song Ever; Double Take Can't Get Dates To Prom

These "hot" girls' problems are now everyone's problems.

The viral "Hot Problems" music video -- featuring two 17-year-old allegedly "hot" girls from Los Angeles -- became an Internet sensation, but for all the wrong reasons.

The hit is being dubbed the worst song ever, according to ABC News, beating out Rebecca Black's "Friday" for the most wretchedly awkward teen pop video on the Internet.

Yes, most YouTube users who watched "Hot Problems" would rather "take bullets to the head" than finish watching Drew Garrett and Lauren Willy whine about the trials and tribulations of self-described attractive people, according to one of the 67,874 users who "disliked" the video -- almost 90 percent of those who weighed in.

"Kill it before it lays eggs!" wrote another user.

That said, the video has garnered nearly 2 million views in less than a week and has even been featured on Tosh.0, the comedy show dedicated to YouTube.

But the "hot" duo, who go by the moniker "Double Take," can't even get dates to prom, they told ABC News.

Luckily, the girls said they don't plan on pursuing careers in singing. But with lyrics like, "Boys call me stuck up; girls say I'm conceited, on behalf of all hot girls, those comments aren't needed," why wouldn't they?