Hot Sauce Recipes: Homemade Always Tastes Better (PHOTOS)

Want to burn your face off? Just provide a tiny bit of heat, salt and vinegar? It's up to you!

It happens every single time we post a story about hot sauces -- you guys come out in droves to debate the merits of each one, passionately arguing for which hot sauce is best. Then a few weeks go by, and we forget all about how much you all really love hot sauce.

Our faulty collective memory is the only possible excuse we can think of to explain the fact that we've never talked about hot sauce recipes with you. Homemade hot sauce, like anything you make in your own kitchen, can be completely tailored to your flavor preferences. You control the heat, vinegar, sugar, garlic, fruitiness, saltiness, etc. We're certain that some of the hottest, most delicious sauces we've ever tasted have been the versions our friends have made, so we want to make sure you and your friends are enjoying the same experience. We've rounded up a few of our favorite hot sauce recipes below, but as always, tell us about your favorite version in the comments! We just might make the one that sounds the best.

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Homemade Hot Sauce Recipes