Hot Summer Shows

Chill from the summer heat and take refuge inside a theatre at two of my all time faves. Blue Man Group, an off-Broadway show, is super entertaining and wild. It's awesome for the entire family and the best part is that they pick people out of the audience to participate with them! I was crossing my fingers that they would pick me, but I was unlucky this time. The three blue men do the oddest things with marshmallows, Jell-O, paint, toilet paper, drums, tubes, bananas, and more. This is the longest running off-Broadway show which has had major success. It plays just about everywhere -- New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Boston. They also have a tour that goes across the US! In addition to this awesome show...get this... the Blue founders also opened up a school in NYC, called yes.... The Blue School!!!! It is an academic school for kids designed to inspire creativity for kids 2-8. The founders say " The basic mission and values of Blue Man Group have transferred remarkably well to an educational setting. We have created an educational program where creativity is cherished and encouraged and where children fall in love with the joy of learning."

Whether you have a romance going or not...Once ignites even more romantic "frissons" -- uplifting and soulful. Set in the battered town of Dublin, a man lost within his music and a woman helps him find his way. All accompanied by classical and contemporary musicians and instruments in some of the memorable Broadway melodies in decades. One lovely gesture is to invite the audience to grab a drink at the town bar, where the musical is centered, before the show and during its intermission with the performers. When I took friends from out of town to see the show they loved the whole bar thing -- haven't seen that a lot on Broadway!!

Also I am indeed good friend, John Hart, is a producer of the show and is a hopeless romantic himself who loves to spend his free time gardening. Love all his genteel sensibilities...including landing this successful musical.

Video here.