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Hot Topic: An Open Letter To Wendy Williams

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Dear Mrs. Wendy Williams,
I could not expect anything more of you being that your show is backed by advertisers that pull your strings. You are the puppet with a voice. However, your voice was a little hoarse when you spoke your thoughts on HBCUs. Let me explain something to you in a modified way because Alabama State University (HBCU) taught me how to convey complex information in a way that people with special needs could understand. "C" represents colored, which is synonymous with someone cognizant of your ignorance and conscious of your inner turmoil. Your inner turmoil is displayed by your condescending remarks towards others.


I know that life happens and your experiences may have caused you to become a venomous and cantankerous tongued woman.
Either way negativity is not becoming of you.

See I don't know if you learned about HBCU history or studied enough to show thyself approved. Just in case you didn't, I will share Dr. Courtney's Notes (my version of Cliff Notes).

Higher education for African Americans was really non-existent preceding the Civil War.
After the war, Senator Justin Morrill spearheaded The Morrill Land Grant Act, a movement to improve higher education. There was an emphasis on the need to train people in the areas of education, applied science, agriculture, and engineering.

Although many institutions were created, there was a lack of diversity.
Senator Morrill took 28 years to make modifications to The Land Grant Act of 1890. The Act stated, that if a state used federal land grant money; it must require the schools to be open to blacks and whites or allocate funds for segregated black colleges to serve as an alternative.

Hence the birth of colored colleges and universities.

Ms. Wendy, I know your producers (shadow casters) conduct research for you so maybe you can get them to retrieve information on the Act, Brown vs. Board of Education, Higher Education Act, and United States v. Fordice. I really want you to be enlightened so you can shine bright like corn silk makeup.

To delve into relatable history, your parents were both educators, maybe they can provide insight in a way that you can understand. Your mom and I belong to the first black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated. An organization rich in history and filled with the purpose of educating and empowering others. We have no problem helping you understand the purpose of our creation. It was a great day inside Miner Hall at Howard University. Your dad, a man of Alpha Phi Alpha, has enough ice (knowledge) to keep your ignorance on eternal chill.
Just ask and you shall be informed.
Or maybe...just maybe I should write your thoughts off as another choleric outburst that is equivalent to your infamous "Hot topic."

You are something else. You are powerful beyond measure. Use your words/platform wisely.

Always empowered,
Dr. Courtney L. Teague