A Hot Water Bottle Is My Favorite Form Of Nostalgic Self-Care

Travel back in time with the lo-fi and extraordinarily comforting power of a hot water bottle.
A Sänger hot water bottle, cable-knit hot water bottle cover and Hometop hot water bottle.

As a child, I was bookish, girly and obsessed with historical fiction. I devoured “Little House on the Prairie” and the “American Girl” books, and all I ever wanted was to cozy up to a nice, warm hot water bottle of my own, just like Molly McIntire. Even if, like me, you’ve grown up with modern conveniences like running water and an in-home heater, a hot water bottle is extremely nostalgic. They’re evocative of a time when you’d get tucked up in bed by your parents under handmade patchwork quilts that had been crafted with love.

Aside from the romance of it all, rubber hot water bottles are just incredibly practical, and I find myself turning to my own more often than not. They’re great for period cramps, general aches or pains and for tucking under the comforter on cold winter nights. They’re as aesthetically pleasing as they are comforting, cozy and deliciously toasty. There’s a reason they’ve been around for hundreds of years in some iteration or another; they’re a timeless way to warm yourself up. Rubber hot water bottles in particular have upped the ante in terms of convenience and comfort since their arrival on the scene in the 1920s.

(It’s still important to use caution to avoid burning yourself, both while filling one up and while using it. The Hot Water Bottle Shop has really helpful safety guidelines that will help increase the longevity of the bottle itself while also keeping you safe.)

If you’ve never used a hot water bottle and are curious to try one out, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to shop cute, cool and high-quality hot water bottles at a range of prices. I’ve also included hot water bottle cover options as well — pick the one that best matches your style and color palette so that it blends right in. No eyesores here! Give one a go for the first time ever or add one to your already-existing collection. Either way, you’ll be grateful to have one on hand during the next chilly night.

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A Sänger rubber hot water bottle
This iconic German hot water bottle company is as cool and classic as it gets. Lucky for us, Etsy seller WarmTradition has a wide array of true-blue Sänger bottles to choose from. This bottle has been constructed out of a single piece of rubber with no bonded seams or edges and is able to retain heat for up to eight hours. It's as good as it gets when it comes to a hot water bottle.
Attmu hot water bottle and knit cover
Available in eight different colors, this hot water bottle and cover duo keep things bright, cheerful and cozy. The cover's argyle sweater design is super cute and has that retro vibe we're all after. The wide mouth is easy to fill and the bottle's transparency helps you see how much water is inside. It's the only bottle in the lineup that isn't rubber; instead, it's made with an advanced recyclable thermoplastic material that also works as a cold pack when filled with chilly water.
Hometop classic rubber hot water bottle
Take your pick of 10 cheerful colors with this popular hot water bottle. They're designed to hold heat for as long as possible, with a ribbed outer surface that helps maintain the inner liquid temperature while also protecting your skin from the heat.
A hand-knit wool hot water bottle cover
I love the rustic, old-fashioned sweater aesthetic of these sweet knit hot water bottle covers from Etsy seller Einzelfabrikate. The blue-grey hue is very Grandpa in a country house, don't you think? It'll look as sweet as can be on your trusty hot water bottle. Purchase a cover on its own or grab both a water bottle and cover in one go.
SteadMax two-pack of hot water bottles
Worried you'll be fighting over your own hot water bottle with a loved one? Pick up this two-pack at Amazon and live peacefully and warmly. Each one has a ribbed outer surface that makes it safe for skin contact, but you can easily slip a standard-sized cover over it to jazz it up and for extra comfort.
A Harris tweed hot water bottle cover
If you want a more rustic vibe, check out this assortment of hot water bottle covers from Etsy seller Scotswhahae. They're unique, have a vintage feel, and are made with warm tweed fabric on one side and cozy fleece on the other. All of this seller's covers are one of a kind, so not all of the options pictured may still be available. Pick up the one that best suits your own vibe and aesthetic and get cozy.
A natural sheepskin hot water bottle cover
Add some fur factor to your hot water bottle situation with these natural sheepskin covers from Etsy seller SweetHomely. The combination of the leather and the hot water bottle means it can retain heat for a nice long time, plus it's fluffy, cozy and cute. Pick from five different colors and cuddle up.

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