What To Do With Your Hair When It's Hot, Rainy And Gross

The editors at HuffPost Style are dreading the impending thunderstorms that will ruin all the little white dress-and-sandal wearing days we've been enjoying lately. While we figure out exactly how to dress for the unpredictable warm-weather climes, our hair is another important matter that must be addressed.

So we turned to the style bloggers of Lookbook for some last-minute inspiration on what to do with our hair on rainy, hot and gross days. Take that, summer!

1. Twist your hair into a ballerina bun. Tip: Keep an (unused) toothbrush in your handbag to smooth flyaways throughout the day.

2. Fight frizz with a milkmaid braid. Tip: Before heading out the door, spritz on a moisture-blocking hairspray for extra protection. We're loving Alterna Bamboo Ant-Humidity Hair Spray.

3. Slick everything back into a chignon. Tip: Add polish with a weightless product like Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, which also strengthens damaged locks.

4. Make a really pretty plait that falls down your back. Tip: Skip rubber bands to minimize hair breakage and secure your braid with hair ties like these Goody Ribbon Elastics.

5. Keep a cool (and dry) head with a colorful hair scarf. Tip: Not too good at tying a turban? We explain three ways to wear a scarf in GIFs.

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