Nakanoshima Hotel Lets Guests Sleep Inside A Public Bathroom

WHAT A DUMP: One-Room Hotel Installed In Public Bathroom

This place is a sh*thole!

Japanese contemporary artist Tatzu Nishino has transformed a public restroom in Osaka's Nakanoshima Park into a one-room hotel, Rocket News 24 reports. The newly-named "Nakanoshima Hotel" is part of the Osaka Canvas Project, a prefectural art event, and costs 10,000 yen (US $125) per night.

The luxurious-looking 22-square-meter room includes a shower, bed, and its own separate bathroom, according to Hotel Chatter.

The public restroom that surrounds the room is fully functional, and all the corollary sounds are fully audible to guests.

Even so, the one-room hotel is fully booked for the duration of the installation, primarily by hardcore fans of Nishino.

Fear not, though, there are plenty of other bizarre accommodations available worldwide. At the Jailhotel Löwengraben in Switzerland, you can settle in for the night inside a former prison cell.

And in Finland's Hotel Kakslauttanen & Igloo Village, you can put your feet up inside a glass igloo 250 miles inside the Arctic Circle.

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Hotel Room Installed In Public Bathroom In Japan

Hotel Room Installed In Public Bathroom In Japan

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