Hotel San Francisco: New TV Ad Takes on Air BnB Evictions

Welcome to the Hotel San Francisco. Tourists can check in any time they like, because we're being forced to leave.

San Francisco has consistently ranked as the most expensive city in the country to rent an apartment. Making matters worse, thousands of tenants are being evicted from their homes to have their units converted into short-term rentals on websites like AirBnB. Current regulations have no teeth and less than 10% of short-term rentals are listed with the city.

San Francisco isn't the only city facing this issue. Residents from coast to coast are feeling the negative effects of the unchecked expansion of sites like AirBnB.

A broad coalition of affordable housing advocates, tenants organizations, landlords and hotel workers have put Prop F on the ballot this November to crackdown on illegal AirBnB hotels and hold corporations accountable with common sense rules.

AirBnB has already poured in more than $8.5 million to fund a misleading campaign to defeat Prop F. In order to set the record straight, we started airing this TV ad today.

People move to San Francisco for a better life and to live differently; to break sharply with the conventional. That's been true for more than 200 years and it's the reason we're such a hotbed for innovation and creativity.

Prop F helps ensure that rich tradition continues. You want to rent an extra or the entire house from time-to-time -- have at it. But as the San Francisco Examiner said, "Prop. F is sorely needed since [City Hall] seems unable to recognize that giving private companies like Airbnb dominion over such an essential and scarce resource as The City's rental units is bad policy."