Eat Your Art Out Folks, This Erotic Exhibition Is 'Hotter Than July' (NSFW)

A Truly Erotic Art Exhibition Aims To Get You Hot For Summer (NSFW)

Warning: This post contains a fair amount of erotic art. It is, as the title notes, not safe for work.

This past winter has been a true test of New York will, pushing city dwellers to the brink of insanity with perpetually gray skies and frigid temperatures that kept even the most stalwart residents indoors, cursing the weather goddesses. The end of April offered bits of reprieve, but we may have wandered too far into the depths of seasonal depression to be plucked out of misery with just hints of warmer days. No, we need a real jolt; an undeniable sign that hibernators everywhere can shed their snuggies and take to the streets with fervor.

Thankfully, in true NYC fashion, there's an art exhibition for that.

Alexandra Rubinstein, From the series. Looking For Mr. Goodsex #19, oil on canvas

"Hotter Than July: Eat Your Art Out" promises -- in name and content -- an escape from the chill drudgery, closing the door on winter with a collection of erotic art. What better way to welcome the upcoming summer months than with a dizzying visual display of wet lips, back dimples, "O" faces and ass spankings. It's nude or go home at Savannah Spirit's carefully curated show, and (as if we had to say it) it's naughtier than your average gallery soiree.

鈥淚t始s important to escape from the bullshit in the world, especially right now," Spirit explains in a statement for the show. "I can始t think of any better escape than sex鈥 if it始s done right. This exhibition is based on my own personal fantasies and the desire for carnal escape. It始s a chance to include everyone in the conversation and talk about something else for a while. The conversation always steers back to sex anyway."

The art on parade ranges from Daniel Maidman's ethereal nudes to Keren Moscovitch's blush-worthy photography to Trevor Guthrie's studded expletives. "The artists bring their own interpretation of sex to the exhibition, which is exactly what I hope viewers do," Spirit adds. "I know I始m not the only one who desires to be taken on a erotic adventure even if it始s just imagined.鈥

If you're in the mood to couple sunshine with NSFW artwork, head to NY Studio Gallery this week (the works are on view from May 2 to May 9 only) before the pieces go on display in magazine form in On. Bonus: There's a tumblr too.

Archibald Frank & Syrie Moskowitz, 鈥淭he Pentinent Mary Magdelene鈥 archival pigmented inkjet, 35.8 x 43.5 cm, 2014
Keren Moscovitch, 鈥淏ite Mark鈥 from the series, Me Into You, c-print
Trevor Guthrie, 鈥淭erms of Endearment鈥, charcoal on paper, 66 x 76 cm
Constance & Eric, 鈥淔eel鈥, archival pigmented inkjet
Ambrose & Wether, 鈥淭eacher鈥檚 Pet鈥, wet-plate collodion, 4鈥 x 6鈥 2012
Azmi Mert Erdem, 鈥淚 Contradict Myself鈥, mixed media on paper hand-sewn on canvas, 42鈥 X 72鈥
Daniel Maidman, 鈥淏lue Leah鈥 oil on canvas
Randy Polumbo, 鈥淩oxanne鈥, mixed media

"Hotter Than July" is open Mon-Fri (May 5-9) from 2-9pm. Participating artists include: Alexandra Rubinstein, Ambrose & Wether, Azmi Mert Erdem, Betty Tompkins, Constance & Eric, Daniel Maidman, [dNASAb], Faith Holland, Frank & Moskowitz, Genevieve White, Jazz-Minh Moore, Joanne Leah, Katie Peyton, Keren Moscovitch, KM Copham, Linda Griggs, Lowell Boyers, Marne Lucas, Pretty Offensive, Randy Polumbo, Trevor Guthrie and Yuliya Lanina.

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