The Hottest Baby Names of 2015... So Far

By now we’ve all heard about which baby names were most popular last year, but what about the names that are attracting the most heat now and into the future?

Here is Nameberry's behind-the-scenes look at our 100 hottest baby names of 2015, the secret popularity list of the names gaining the most in views on the site. Our methodology: We looked at the number of times every name in our database was viewed for the first half of this year vs. the same period last year and, controlling for overall traffic increases, which names jumped the highest.

The hottest names of 2015 and beyond are a mix of fresh favorites and vintage choices enjoying new attention. Some of the names here are already-stylish: Everly and Owen, Ash to Zed.

But there are a lot of surprising choices among the Hot 100. That said, if you name your baby the still-unusual Tove or Meilani, Leif or Leon today, don’t be surprised to find it a lot more popular tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are Nameberry's Top 100 baby names of 2015... so far:


Adalyn Ainsley Alaia Alessia Alina Alivia Amoret Asha Augusta Aveline Bea Betty Brooke Bryony Camila Eira Eleanora Ellen Emerson Estelle Everly Gaia Indie Ione Isobel Jocelyn Judith Kaia Kalila Liliana Lucille Marin Marley Meilani Mireille Norah Orla Paloma Pandora Peyton Polly Primrose Remi Ruth Sasha Tallulah Teagan Tove Vanessa Veronica


Adam Amias Angus Arlo Asa Ash Augustine Austin Booker Brecken Callen Calvin Cameron Chase Chester Cohen Cole Colton Cy Easton Ellis Evan Grey Greyson Harlan Hudson Ignatius Jameson Kellen Killian Kingston Landry Leif Leon Logan Luca Lucian Marius Marshall Nathaniel Osias Owen Pax Paxton Quade Quentin Reuben Rhett Warren Zed

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