In this morning's Pravda-like New York Times editorial, there are many lines to keep "The Daily Show" writers happy for days, but here is one that's particularly priceless:

If Ms. Miller's source had wanted to release her from her promise, he could have held a press conference and identified himself. And obviously, he could have picked up the phone. Ms. Miller believed - and we agree - that it was not her place to try to hound him into telling her that she did not need to keep her promise.

Having her lawyer place one call to Mr. Libby in the course of a year would have been "hounding" him? What makes this line all the more absurd is that in the end, Mr. Libby did not hold a press conference to identify himself. Nor did he pick up the phone. In the end, Ms. Miller, through Mr. Bennett, hounded Mr. Libby – by the Times' definition of hounding, that is.