House and Senate Dems, Show Up for Bibi Please!

To House Democrats, Democratic Senators, your taxpaying constituents pay your salaries for you to show up.

Whatever you think of the man, you need to honor and respect his office. Benjamin Netanyahu is the head of state of Israel our longtime, most loyal ally in the Mideast.

By boycotting his appearance before Congress, what message does it send to the rest of the world, especially to those who bear no goodwill towards Israel and/or the Jewish people? It encourages more attacks on Israel and Jews all over the globe.

Just as President John F. Kennedy went to Berlin and said, "Ich bin ein Berliner" (translated from German to English, "I am a Berliner"), we are all Jews. Anyone who doesn't think that's true, consider this. What's to stop your ethnic background, your religion, your physical characteristics from being targeted next?

It is not confined to Jews. It never is, nor ever has been. Polish jokes, Italian jokes, Irish jokes, name-the-nationality jokes, the dumb blonde jokes, the fat jokes, the too-skinny, too-short, too-tall jokes and on and on. There are comedians who have made fortunes over the years telling those jokes based on ugly stereotypes. They laughed all the way to the bank.

Go to hear what Bibi has to say this morning. Show up. You don't have to stand up. You don't have to clap. But you need to be in your seat.

The dog-ate-my-homework excuses--otherwise known as House Speaker John Boehner who invited Bibi is a Republican, and I'm not going to help Republicans--ain't gonna fly this time around.

Your constituents who vote for you, whom you dial for dollars, and ask to volunteer their time and treasure on your behalf, will be watching.

Don't be conspicuous by your absence. -0-

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