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House Built Into A Hill By Stempel & Tesar Architects Redefines Outdoor Living (PHOTOS)

Our question: do you have to mow the roof?

We've seen homes that are built to best take advantage of a stunning landscape view. But we don't see many places that are actually built into the landscape.

And that's just what this residence, designed by Czech architects Stempel & Tesar, sets out to do. The multi-story residence is physically built into a hill located in the Český ráj region.

According to the architects, this home was inspired by local surrounding structures, where houses were typically built with wood and stone to best blend into the natural environment. Dezeen reported that the site's construction required builders to tunnel into the hillside and carve out space for installation. The process reminds us of cave dwellings, where a living space is carved into rock.

For detailed information about this home, head over to Dezeen. But before you do, be sure to check out photos of the house in our slideshow below.

Stempel & Tesar Architects

Family house, Cesky raj, 2012

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