House Cat Is So Not Impressed By Mountain Lion At The Door

No one seems to have told this little house cat that mountain lions are fierce predators known for snacking on small pets unlucky enough to cross their path.

Certainly, it helped that there was a glass door between the two felines. But the house cat seems thoroughly unimpressed by the cougar as it paws at the door, even letting out a couple of meows.

The big cat, perhaps thinking of a lunch just out of reach, responds with an angry hiss so close that it fogs up the glass.

The footage was shot by comic/prankster Tom Mabe at a friend's house near Boulder, Colorado, he wrote on YouTube. Being a prankster, he couldn't help but pull one over on his wife when she asked about the kids.

Check it out in the clip above -- and watch for the second cat, who was smart enough to keep its distance. Glass or no glass, Cat Number Two seems to know what's out there.

Mabe has a reputation as a prankster so there's always a chance the clip is him up to his old tricks. But Mabe's also a joker with a heart of gold. Along with scaring the pants off people with a Halloween grim reaper stunt and an escaped lion hoax that even fooled the local news, he has also "pranked" a homeless man by giving him an apartment and an animal shelter by providing spa treatments for the dogs.



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