House Election Results 2012: Republicans Retain Control Of Chamber

Republicans Retain Control Of House

Republicans will remain the majority party in the House of Representatives, NBC and CNN projected on Tuesday night.

Going into Election Day, the GOP was expected to stay in control of the chamber. House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio said that he was confident about his party's chances before the results came in.

"I don't want to lose one of one net seat," he said on Monday. "And I've worked hard, and so has our team, our leadership team. All across the country, our members, our candidates we're doing good."

Here's more from the AP:

House Republicans drew first blood Tuesday as they ousted a Democrat from Kentucky and won two open Democratic seats in North Carolina as they fought to retain control of the House for two more years.

GOP attorney Andy Barr defeated Democrat Ben Chandler Tuesday after losing to him by just 647 votes in 2010. Chandler, among a dwindling number of moderate Blue Dog Democrats, has represented the district in Kentucky horse country surrounding Lexington, since 2004 but faced voters who heavily favored Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who easily carried the state over President Barack Obama.

Republicans also picked up a pair of open seats in North Carolina, where the GOP redrew congressional districts to reflect the latest Census but to also make the seats difficult for Democrats to win. One had been held by Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler, who announced his retirement after it became clear that his district would have been harder for him to win.

As polls closed in the East, South and Midwest, Chandler was the only incumbent to lose out of 106 current House office holders whose races were called by The Associated Press.

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