House EXPLODES In Kenosha, Wisconsin: Explosion Damages Homes, No Injuries (VIDEO)

WATCH: Vacant House EXPLODES In Wisconsin

A vacant home in Kenosha, Wisconsin exploded late Monday night, shattering hundreds of windows and creating a boom that echoed for miles.

Fred Schultz, a 59-year-old who lives next door to the exploded house, told the AP that his walls buckled and plaster fell in as a result of the explosion. No one was seriously injured in the blaze (the local CBS affiliate reports only some minor cuts and bruises), but many nearby homes were similarly damaged.

The Red Cross is offering shelter to those displaced by the explosion, which the local Journal Times suggests was caused by a gas leak.

The house was owned and built by the city of Kenosha as part of a neighborhood revitalization program. It had not yet been occupied.

Watch footage of the explosion's aftermath (some NSFW language):

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