The Thing 14 Percent Of House Guests Do Will Probably Keep You Up At Night

The Thing 14 Percent Of House Guests Do Will Probably Keep You Up At Night

Summer's synonymous with entertaining, and while we used to think of "entertaining" as, well, the perfect opportunity to mix up a cocktail, try our hand at one of the many recipes we've pinned and show off all the vintage linens we've been hoarding, a new survey by lifestyle site The Salonniere reveals that our guests may have something different in mind.

According to a nationwide survey conducted by the site, nearly half of Americans admit to snooping around when attending a party in someone's home -- read: entertaining themselves -- while another 14 percent say they've gotten frisky at one time or another in the host's bedroom or bathroom. Yep.

Scouring your sheets and stashing things you're embarrassed about are one way to deal with naughty party attendees. Or, you can take notes from another insightful part of the survey results and create a guest list that'll keep diners in their seats. When asked who they’d most like to sit between at a dinner party, the top picks were comediennes Ellen DeGeneres and Tina Fey, each of whom received 32 percent of the vote. Other picks included:

•President Obama (30%)
•Pope Francis (22%)
•Bill Gates (21%)
•Kate Middleton (17%)
•Oprah Winfrey (15%)
•George Clooney (13%)

Check out more of The Salonniere's Summer Party Poll at

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