'House': It's House Vs. Taub In The Aftermath Of Chase's Stabbing (VIDEO)

The fallout after Chase's unexpected and near-fatal stabbing affected everyone differently this week on "House" (Mon., 8 p.m. EST on Fox). Except for House himself, though he did open the episode by reaching out to Chase with what was apparently another in a long string of ignored apologies.

Dr. Park retreated even further into her shell, admitting at one point that she was now afraid of everything. Dr. Adams was riddled with guilt about being in the room with Chase, while Dr. Taub decided he needed to get some self-defense training. This last move set off a ridiculous battle between House and Taub.

House was determined to prove he could still get through to Taub, leading to a string of pranks and crazy attacks that rivaled anything House and Wilson have done over the years. Impressively, Taub proved a capable and cunning foe worthy of the master of pranks.

But while those two were up to shenanigans, Chase was the one really struggling to overcome what had happened. His clinic case became not only the case of the week, but she also become the target of his misplaced emotional response. The woman was on her way to becoming a nun, only she'd never truly felt a calling. Instead, she was riddled with guilt over a child who'd died in her care.

So after her initial release, she walked away from the church and into Chase's arms. But while she seemed to understand it was more about the sex than beginning a relationship, Chase suddenly decided he loved her. So much that when she did have a spiritual moment later in the episode and decided again to become a nun, Chase was determined to talk her out of it.

In the end, he realized that it was more about what he was going through, and it was completely unfair to project his problems onto her situation. So he let her go, and in doing so maybe began his own psychological healing. As House told him, people change their lives after they screw up. Chase did nothing wrong in that instance when he was stabbed.

The final season of "House" continues Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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