'House Of Cards' Star Wants Obama To Be On The Show

Could President Barack Obama be the next big name on "House of Cards"? One of the show's biggest stars thinks it would be a good idea.

Politico asked Robin Wright at a Friday night White House Correspondents Dinner reception who she would pick for a cameo on the series, and the president was a top choice.

"Maybe Obama," Wright said. "I’m going to ask Obama tomorrow night if he’ll come and do a guest spot.”

Back in February, Obama scored some points with the cast when he jokingly tweeted an executive order to limit "House Of Cards" spoilers.

Two of the show's stars approved of that idea at a premiere event days later. According to the AP, Wright said at the time that Obama "knows good stuff," while Kate Mara added that Obama's message was "one of the coolest things that's happened to me."



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