The Craziest OMG Moments From 'House Of Cards' Season 2

The second season of “House of Cards” arrived in full on Netflix on Friday (Feb. 14), and if you’re anything like the Huffington Post Entertainment team (and most of the world), you’ve already finished it. (If not then we kindly advise you to stop reading now because serious spoilers.)

A 13-episode weekend binge is a mighty endeavor, and the second round of “House of Cards" was an undoubtedly entertaining (even if sensational) one with many shocking OMG-must-tweet-this moments. But when you watch nearly 12 hours of episodes in such a very short amount of time, everything tends to blur together. In case you forgot, or want to relive The First Epic Binge of 2014, here are all the craziest, most scandalous and absurd moments from “House of Cards” Season 2.


Zoe’s death So this happened, and it was INSANE. No one saw it coming when Zoe walked over to Frank, hidden in the shadows like he'd just stepped out of an old noir film. We we all hoped (but sorta secretly didn't because that'd be no fun) that Frank would get caught or that there'd at least be a witness. It was horrible and we're still not over it. tv show gifs

The Meechsome This was surely the second craziest moment of "House of Cards." We knew Frank was bisexual, we knew Claire liked younger men, but damn, we did not know they'd all hop in bed together. If anyone has gotten special treatment in "House of Cards," it's Meechum. He got to keep his job, get promoted to Secret Service, and now he can say he's slept with the President and First Lady, at the same time. No big deal. tv show gifs

Reveal of Claire’s rape When Claire became upset after the general Dalton McGinnis approached her at the ceremony, we knew something was up. At first it seemed like he was just an old boyfriend, but it quickly became clear that he had raped her years before. This traumatizing event was likely what turned Claire into the fearless, bold woman she is today, after she strangled her high school self, as she told Francis. house of cards

Rachel and Lisa hooking up There was some building tension between Rachel and Lisa when they were together, but this moment did seem a bit contrived, as if the writers felt inclined to include a random lesbian subplot for the heck of it (as so many TV series do). But whatever, it worked and we were happy to finally see Rachel happy. tv show gifs

Xander Feng's kinky sex So much went on this season that you may have forgotten this bizarre, unexplained opening to episode 5, "Chapter 18." Xander Feng was having some serious kinky sex, which at first almost looked like a brutal rape scene. This seems like the perfect blackmail material for Feng's enemies, but it was weirdly never revisited, and we're not sure why ... tv show gifs

Anthrax scare When this White House girl opened an envelope and a batch of white powder shot out, Capitol Hill went crazy with shutdowns, quarantines and "Breaking Bad"-esque lab suits. Yet all Frank and Claire seemed to be concerned with was the damn interview. It could be anthrax, but whatever, being on TV is more important, right? tv show gifs

Bomb scare It seemed really serious and intense when a man was lurking outside the Underwood's home with a big duffle bag. Claire's life was in danger with this supposed bomb threat and she couldn't leave the house for a few days, but then it was entirely forgotten about. Bombs, anthrax, just a day in the life of the Underwoods. house of cards

Rachel killing Doug When Rachel escaped into the woods it almost felt like it could be the end of Rachel, but then she found a rock and it turned out to be the end of Doug. It wasn't totally clear if he was dead in the finale, since there was only a quick glimpse of him with his eyes open. Either way, we really hope Rachel drove to Lisa's afterward to get her back. house of cards

Claire lying to Adam Claire disposed of her one remaining weakness by betraying and lying to Adam. Her allegiance to Frank and their evil schemes took precedence over her past love affair, leading us to believe that maybe love isn't an emotion Claire can feel anymore, just the blood-hungry lust for power. house of cards

Hacker bird Skyping It was kind of weird, and completely unrealistic, when Gavin the hacker Skyped with Lucas via a secretly delivered iPad and disguised himself as an animated bird. You'd think he'd choose a guinea pig disguise, but maybe that's too obvious. house of cards

Honorable Mention:

Cashew almost died! Poor Cashew is the most innocent character on "House of Cards" and she almost got crushed by the angry FBI guy's foot. This wasn't that shocking of a moment, in comparison to the others, but Cashew needs some love too. tv show gifs



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