House of Cards Season 2: The Remaining Unanswered Questions

It was the best of times, it was House of Cards season 2. This blog will without a doubt include spoilers of the highest degree and if you haven't watched or finished season 2 yet, hold off from reading this.

Your last #SPOILERALERT warning...

House of Cards is epic and we're all completely addicted to its every twist and turn. Frank Underwood pulls out all the tricks to get what he wants.

Although he does seem satisfied when he gets a healthy portion of Freddy's Ribs:

Now, I know many of you indulged and binge watched this tasty show in one weekend. Some of you even watched both seasons back to back and yet somehow I was able to resist the urge and savor season 2 over the course of an entire month! I liked knowing that I had episodes left to watch and my time with The Underwoods would go on, at least a little longer. No television show explains all the things (hello True Detective; hello Lost and pretty much all the shows that have ever existed on television), but season 2 left me wondering a few things that maybe you know the answer to and can fill me plus the rest of us in on?

1. Who is "PR guy" Seth Grayson really working for?
He seems like he was planted on Frank and Claire's team by Raymond Tusk, yet he tells Frank that he is actually working for him? I think he is working mostly for himself but the back and forth, especially with one Remy Danton, got a little hazy by the end.

2. Will Frank ever get to play Xbox Live again and pown some 13-year-olds?
Sadly, Frank had to give up his video games for crafting miniatures but I want
the prez to get back online next season. It did seem a little ridiculous that they
couldn't figure out a way for him to continue to play his first player shooter games.

3. Will nobody avenge the death of Zoe Barnes?
It's possible that the creepy cyberhacker might with how he was able to track down Rachel Posner. It certainly won't be Lucas Goodwin who just what, stays in jail? Janine Skorsky just stays mum on the whole subject, especially now that it's PRESIDENT UNDERWOOD? I mean there's still the matter of the death of one Peter Russo?

4. Is Frank completely free and clear in his role in the money laundering scheme that forced President Walker to resign ?
It's already odd enough in how Frank became VP, but then only months later to become President in another strange way, shouldn't that raise about a million flags for people? Other journalists? VP Underwood was part of the Walker White House, can he just become President and avoid being implicated in the Feng/Tusk scandal? Will all the blame just fall on Garrett and again, WILL NOBODY BAT AN EYELASH at how Francis elevated his status? Someone?! Is Tusk going to prison and will he now keep quiet about Frank?

5. Now that Freddy is finished, will Frank find a new rib place?
Unfortunately, Raymond Tusk made things personal with Freddy losing his deal and all the money going to bail out Freddy's son. Ribs are a high priority for Francis and now that he no longer has Freddy's, what's a rib lover to do? He actually showed an emotion over losing Freddy's, it was a worse blow than losing his Xbox!

6. Why did President Walker change his mind so late about Frank? Why did it take him so long to put all the pieces together and then how did one letter change things (or was it too late by then anyways for President Punching Bag?)?
Walker listened to almost everything Frank said to do even if he disagreed. Why didn't Walker wonder about the deaths of Peter Russo or Zoe Barnes (who did write the leaked education story from the prior season)? How did Raymond Tusk not do deeper digging when vetting Francis for the VP role? I mean one cyberhacker easily found Rachel Posner and her existence but the most powerful man in the world and one of the richest couldn't?

punching bag

7. Frank had a very sexual appetite in season 1 and Claire did to some degree. Was the Meechum-Threesome enough to satisfy that?
Frank was constantly with Zoe throughout season 1 and there were hints during the
Alma Mater episode that he has an appetite for all the things, men included. I get that Edward Meechum is there to "serve" and to do whatever that means, but is this an isolated "we needed that" incident or will it continue on in season 3, now that it's President and First Lady Underwood?

8. Does Claire care about her startup at all?
She fought tooth and nail, she was cunning and she got rid of her long term secretary who did everything she wanted (even if she disagreed). Can she just blackmail Gillian Cole into running her non-profit forever? Can someone spend so much time and effort on something to just completely ignore it? The Clean Water Initiative wasn't even mentioned once it was "dealt with" early on in the sophomore season and Claire focused her attention mostly on the sexual assault in the military bill. Do we think Claire will not care about that bill or issue at all in the same way once season 3 hits and she'll be on to the next thing?


9. Francis Underwood, you did it, you are now the president of the United States of America, what now? What could he possibly want next? People to do as he pleases? Everyone to do as he pleases? Oh yeah, four more years!

What might happen to me for asking too many questions? Be right back, I think I hear someone at the door! There are many more I didn't ask, as I don't want to embarrass myself, and if I were to ask Frank, he might say "I hope you don't mind if I don't demean myself by taking any of this seriously"! What do you want to know going into season 3 of House of Cards?

Bonus Fun Question
Has Kevin Spacey and the House of Cards ensemble seen the hilarious Tumblr,
House of Carbs?