‘House Of Cards’ Teaser: ‘The Reign Of The Middle-Aged White Man Is Over’

The latest teaser for the sixth and final season shows what it looks like when Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood steps into the presidency.

The reign of the middle-aged white man is over. That is, according to the new President Underwood in Netflix’s teaser for its sixth and final season of “House of Cards.

The trailer, released Thursday, opens with President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) giving a speech in which she acknowledges to the public that the first 100 days of her presidency “have been difficult.”

“I lost my husband. We were about to celebrate 30 years together,” she says, as the trailer switches to a scene in which Claire appears to be grieving her late husband, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), who in the previous season had resigned as president of the United States while she was his vice president.

The teaser then shifts back to Claire’s speech. As she stands behind a lectern, she presumably breaks the fourth wall — something Frank did often in the series to deliver an inner monologue — and says:

“Here’s the thing, whatever Francis told you the last five years? Don’t believe a word of it.”

The teaser then changes back to the scene of Claire grieving, who is now crying into her hand. But she quickly lifts her face from her palm and reveals a stone-cold expression while mascara runs down her face.

The teaser then goes on to have various characters utter lines like, “You thought you got away with it all, Claire,” and “You sound like a gangster,” to Claire. Others say things like “Our president scares me,” and “We gotta get this woman out of there.” There’s even a shot of a bullet flying through a car window and toward Claire’s head.

The latest trailer hints at how the series will handle the departure of Spacey, who was fired midway through production of the sixth season after sexual assault allegations were leveled against him in September 2017.

A month after Spacey left, Netflix announced that the series would continue without him and focus on Wright’s character instead, making her the show’s lead character.

“It’s going to be different for you and me,” Claire says in the conclusion of the teaser, as a shot of her standing behind the lectern giving her speech pops up on the screen again.

Yet it remains to be seen how different things will actually be until the show’s season premiere on Nov. 2.

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