A Guide To Which House Plants You're Least Likely To Kill

**When indoor plants are a test for parenthood.**

Indoor plants are beautiful additions to any home, big or small. But they can also be a handful to deal with, especially when watering and sunlight exposure come into play. Sometimes it feels like we spend a lot more time throwing away dead plants than taking the time to actually care for them.

Well, what if we told you it's still possible to have some green in your home without committing plant slaughter?

The team over at Made created an infographic that outlines the plants you should get based on your home and level of dedication. Details include the amount of light and hydration each plant requires -- and if you can't follow this guide, you're probably a serial plant killer who shouldn't be within 100 feet of a succulent.

Take a look at the graphic below and try to keep your new plant alive this time, OK?


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