House , Star Wars , Super Bowl and More Top This Week's Like/Dislike List!

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The first score of the game was a safety! The game ended on a hail mary pass being batted down in the end zone! This game had it all. I still can't believe the Giants are the Super Bowl champions. What a season! It feels like a dream. I've pretty much given up on dating. I just can't imagine sharing my time and figuring out where to have brunch each weekend and other couple-y crap. But it dawned on me this morning that my Sundays are WIDE open now that the NFL is over. I honestly have no idea what to do with myself. Although, I think my cat will freak out if I'm not there on the couch for hours at a time like I was during the season. Sure, she ignores me the entire time but I know she appreciates me being there. I dunno, maybe I'll go see all these Oscar movies I've been putting off seeing. Hugo in 3-D? Warhorse? Ugh, this feels like a chore. Maybe I'll just clean up my apartment and watch Netflix.

Speaking of 3-D movies! This pile of shit is invading movie theaters this week and no amount of Mike Ryan posts can get me excited for it. Somehow George Lucas has taken the Star Wars name and made it the most "meh" franchise since Die Hard. Well done, sir! While some franchises have taken the reboot route and been given a much needed breath of fresh air (Batman, Star Trek, Spiderman) Star Wars went the other way with re-releasing the same movies over and over again with new technology. This is going to sound harsh but this franchise won't be relevant again until after Lucas passes away and someone else can re-imagine these stories differently. Until then, Star Wars is just not interesting.

I don't really get it. Am I missing something? This character Jeremy Renner is playing is not Jason Bourne yet Bourne is in the title. What is Renner's name in this movie? What's the point of this movie? Why do they talk about Jason Bourne? Is there a cameo by Matt Damon? How does Hollywood not have any original ideas? Renner is pulling a Dwayne Johnson by taking starring roles in already proven franchises. The Rock has inserted himself in the Fast and the Furious franchise, GI Joe and something called The Journey 2. Renner on the other hand is jumping in on the Mission Impossible franchise and now the Bourne series. It would be great to see The Rock and Renner costar in Transformers or some other wildly successful franchise together. I think they would make a great duo actually. They'd be up there with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Hmm, maybe they can all team up to do Bad Boys 3!

Yeah, the Giants make it onto the list twice this week. It's not every week or even every year the team you root for wins the freaking Super Bowl!! This is so very awesome. I've had a stupid shit-eating grin on my face all week. Besides the speeches at City Hall and the sea of humanity who came out to cheer the champs, the most memorable (and coolest moment) was when the team made it back to Giants, err, Metlife Stadium and a highlight reel of the season played on the monitors. I wasn't there but I heard it on the radio. Nothing says 'Giants football' like Bob Papa and Carl Banks, by the way. My buddy Brendan forwarded me the video and I dare you not to get pumped after watching it. There were even some angles from games I've never seen before! I'm pumped after watching it over and over but then I'm sad. I realize there will be no football until September 6th. 7 months! At least we know that game will be in New Jersey with the world champs.

I used to watch House when I had cable. I miss cable. Or more specifically: I miss my DVR. I had drinks last night with an old friend from back home and we were reminiscing and catching up and I started to get nervous I'd miss my Thursday night shows. I actually told him I was gonna head out; that was at 7:15. He had a surprised look on his face like we were on a date and it was going great and I just blurted out that I wasn't feeling it and I wanted to leave. I ended up having another beer and I'm happy I did. Besides, I told myself I could watch the shows online. I need to get a DVR again. Somehow I've gone backwards and have appointment television again. So yeah, House is ending. I used to love this show but how many times can you watch a show that has the same beats week after week? Patient gets sick, goes to hospital, House makes fun of people, they treat the patient, patient gets worse, everyone is confused and then House figures it out. Fin.

Let me just say that I used to love Jersey Shore. So very much! My buddy Aysha and I would watch it and enjoy every stupid moment with glee. We couldn't get enough! Part of the reason we watched was because we grew up with people like this (we're from Staten Island) and enjoy seeing them make asses of themselves. However, as the seasons pile up and the same cast keeps coming back year after year, it's just played out. One can only watch the Jersey Shore gang go to Karma so many times. The best thing for this cast would be to go away for a while and then make a big comeback and maybe we will appreciate them. But no! They are never going away. EVER! Pauly D gets a spin-off and so do Snooki and J-Woww. Sigh, this used to be a wonderful guilty pleasure, but no more. Maybe I'm better off without cable after all.